"Your dog's bored silly at home in solitude all day."

Let PawPurri4Pets be your dog's home away from home!


PawPurri4Pets has been crafted over the years to be exactly like taking your dog to your really cool aunt’s home. And, your dog will completely believe that your aunt is really cool because she has lots of dogs too, and they all get to play together. Oh, and your really cool aunt’s home also has tons of toys to play with, treats to eat, and plenty of water just about everywhere.


Plus, your aunt’s home features a 3/4-acre fenced yard with plenty of bushes, natural grass and trees on which to take care of their serious business! A simple run through the kitchen and a spill into our backyard playground. How natural is that?


And, your dog’s all like ………… “Cool!”  

The PawPurri4Pets Business Model


Our business model is straightforward and simple. PawPurri4Pets provides an extremely safe and relaxing home-away-from-home experience for dogs. In all the years PawPurri4Pets has been in business, we’ve never experienced a dog fight. Not ever. Not one.

Whether a Day Visit, and Overnight Visit, or an Extended Visit, PawPurri4Pets accomplishes this because we do not accept all dogs. It’s the PawPurri4Pets way to protect our overall chemistry and balance of dogs that your dog will truly appreciate. Our result? We care for dogs that get along well. We refuse to fill all our kennels just for the sake of revenues.

PawPurri4Pets strives to convince your dog that they are not being warehoused and that they belong with us. We’ve found what we’ve created works well, and it will for your dog.

Your dog deserves to play with other dogs in a natural home-like environment—not being walked around a parking lot on a leash three-times a day, or up and down a concrete and caged dog run.

Our Customers’ Testimonials


My dog, Misty, has been going to PawPurri4Pets for 6-years.  Misty thinks of Suzanne as her second Mama. She goes to play with her doggy friends at least 3-days a week.  I trust Suzanne implicitly with my beloved dog. Misty is a Standard Poodle and she gets her spa day [grooming] atPawpurri4Pets every month. I would recommend PawPurri4Pets to anyone who wants to take their four legged family member to a loving place to stay and play.

Martha Gomez


Suzanne has been taking care of our dog for years now since he was a puppy and has always treated him with love like he was her own. Then when we got our second dog she brought her into the family as well. She has always been extremely flexible and fair and we always know that our dogs are going to be well cared for when they’re with her. Her building is great with a huge backyard and you can’t beat the location if you live on Folly or James Island. Her groomers are fantastic too and even took the time to walk us through what we needed to do to maintain our golden doodle. I can’t recommend her enough for any of your doggy needs. Thanks so much Suzanne!

Derek and Leigh Day


Logo for PawPurri4Pets Doggy Hotel.

Overnight Visits

Leaving town and your dogs for the weekend? A few days? Weeks? One evening?

Because if you are, PawPurri4Pets offers the safest home-like dog environment in the Charleston, SC area. There’s nothing about our operation or setting that isn’t 100% home-like. Sometimes, when we cook lunch, it even smells like a home.

We offer individual attention and care to every dog. Plus, we don’t walk your dog on a leash inside a run. Your dog will have the freedom to play during the day and enjoy sleeping in a comfortable kennel at night.


Logo for PawPurri4Pets Day Camp.

Day Visits

Feeling guilty about leaving you baby alone and home all day?

We offer Day Visits for your favorite dog, or dogs, in the world! Most noteworthy, your dog will have a full-day of recreation with tons of time to run freely and play with all the other dogs.

What’s especially relevant is all of our dogs are selected for a “pack mentality.” This ensures that as your dog can run and frolic with all the other dogs, when they can make make plenty of friends.

Therefore, when your dog returns home happily tuckered out, all they’ll want is to snuggle with you on the sofa.


Logo for PawPurri4Pets Doggy Grooming.

Doggy Grooming

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog! It seems like we see it all the time.

Our groomers offer Doggy Grooming that’s especially careful to treat your pet like royalty.

Our first order of business is to be the friendliest grooming location in all of the Charleston, SC area rather than shoving them through the production line.

This begins with a consultation regarding your dog’s exact needs. Next, you’ll be advised on special shampoos, provided some fashionable haircut choices, and other needs your dog may need.


Logo for PawPurri4Pets Doggy Baths.

Doggy Baths

A dirty dog often indicates a dirty home, seems like that’s just the way it usually goes!

PawPurri4Pets offers Doggy Baths for your loved one, no matter their size.

When you come to fetch your dog, their nails will be perfect, they’ll be squeaky clean, they’ll smell wonderful, their fur will be dry and combed-out. Most importantly, they’ll be plenty ready to snuggle with you!

We don’t mass produce baths. Each bath is given individually, with patience and care.


Planning to visit Charleston?

There's no reason to leave your dog at home!


Many visitors to Charleston, SC have no idea we’re one of the most dog-friendly cities in the entire country.


In fact, many restaurants will accept and accommodate your dog! Plus, two of the finest hotels in town are dog friendly; one is on Folly Beach CLICK HERE, and the other in downtown Charleston CLICK HERE. Both are just minutes away from PawPurri4Pets. So, now you can bring your dog along and take full advantage of our Dog Day Camp, with special pricing for visitors staying in Charleston, SC hotels!


See? You have every reason to bring your doggy with you to Charleston! Our Day Visits invite your dog to an all-day playtime with all the other dogs while you enjoy the sights of downtown, visit one of our many plantations, climb one of our our massive trees, or plant your feet into the warm sand of our many beaches. And, our Overnight Visits keeps your dog close enough to visit while offering tons of freedoms!


Here’s a funny thought that could well happen—your dog could have more fun during your visit to Charleston than you!

Another Customer Testimonial


Pawpurri4Pets is a place where I never have to worry if my dog, Chewie, is happy and safe. His tail wagging and tug on the leash when we walk in lets me know he loves his time there! Suzanne is warm and friendly and her love for dogs shines through! I highly recommendPawpurri4Pets to anyone looking for someone to care for their dog.

Jenn McDermott


You gotta see our Photo Gallery, but only if you love dogs!

Two dogs enjoying a nap together

Oh my gosh! How adorable is our gallery?

Here are years of PawPurri4Pets family members, playing freely, “packing-out,” running in circles. Some are sniffing the bushes and others are laying in our grass. Some are challenging other dogs, and some are resting in our heavily shaded yard that’s surrounded by trees.

Some of these dogs were dear friends and, unfortunately, are no longer with us.

We’ll never forget those friends and therefore they’re missed every day.

However, we’re still making memories, every day and all day.

We're your dog's home away from home.

Your dog will believe they're visiting their super-cool aunt's home!

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