Doggy Grooming

Striving to make your doggy as pretty as possible.


Doggy grooming, like bathing seems like a given because every shop uses the same techniques. Nothing can be more further from the truth. Scroll down and see exactly why our Doggy Grooming is the more loving choice.

Doggy Grooming

​If you prefer a special style for your dog, wonderful! We document all your preferences!​

Your next phase begins our “Spa Treatment” for your dog.

*Policy Notice: Please provide a copy of vaccination records.

Our popularity and longevity attest to the quality and consistency of the care and attention we provide. Our stylists remain focused on only one dog at a time, regardless of how busy we are.

Our first order of business, offer the kindest Doggy Grooming in Charleston, SC!  We begin by greeting you and consulting with you regarding your dog’s exact needs.

A brush-out or a ‘rough’ haircut precedes the bath. Your dog will receive:

  1. Two baths
  2. A cleaning and study for dirt and fleas
  3. The most beneficial care for your pet’s skin
  4. A pedicure
  5. Ear cleaning
  6. Anal sacs expressed, by request
  7. Hand blow dry
  8. Finishing work will be complete by our pet stylists
  9. Pampered with sex appropriate cologne
  10. Clothed with a seasonal bandana

A report card will be provided with details of your dog’s spa experience. PawPurri4Pets offers great colognes for your newly groomed dog.

“Capstar” is available for flea infestation. Please alert us about any fleas prior to your appointment.

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