Doggy Day Camp!

Compare these dogs to a lonely dog at home all day.


Every dog deserves a challenge! Every dog deserves to spend a day with other dogs. After all, dogs are pack animals. Every dog deserves to run freely in a natural setting. And, Doggy Day Care at PawPurri4Pets has all of these things, in abundance.

Amazing things happen when dogs plays freely in an natural environment!

Doggy Day Camp at PawPurri4Pets is based on the fact that dogs are pack animals that thrive on companionship, much like their wolf ancestors. The fact is, dogs are simply more social than humans, yet are in need to be a part of human families too.

Leaving your dog at home and alone can be psychologically damaging, and sadly is something far too many dog owners do to their dog. It’s just, “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Bring your dog to Doggy Day Camp at PawPurrri4Pets for your dog’s amazingly fun day!

Facts about Doggy Day Camp at PawPurri4Pets to seriously consider.

Doggy Day Care at PawPurri4Pets really is the very same as a dog park, except your dog can safely play with other dogs all day. The difference is, you can be productive while your dog is in the process of getting all “tuckered out.”

Doggy Day Camp has zero astroturf or artificial environments to keep your dog deceived and preoccupied. But then, we don’t need any with a 3/4 acre backyard surround in natural cover. You dog’s job is to simply run freely and play with all the other dogs.

Take a minute to visit our Gallery of Memories and study the expressions on all the dog’s faces.

Those faces speak more about Doggy Day Care than any words we can muster.

Our job at PawPurri4Pets’ Doggy Day Camp doesn’t differ one bit from our passion. Our job is to provide your dog with a safe area for fun play. Again, PawPurri4Pets has never suffered a dog fight in all of our years in business.

How did we accomplish this feat? We don’t warehouse dogs. We provide every dog a wonderful experience. And, a happy dog is rarely aggressive.

When your dog gets home from Doggy Day Camp, all they’ll want to do is snuggle with you on the sofa. Not bad, huh?

Here’s wonderful news, we offer the perfect solution for you and your dog.

black lab with smaller white dog jumping on her

Doggy Day Camp Rates and Charges

  1. Doggy Day Camp: 1-3 days – $25 per day from 7:30AM to 5:30PM sharp
  2. Doggy Day Camp: 4-10 days – $22 per day from 7:30AM to 5:30PM sharp
  3. 10 Day Pre-Paid Doggy Camp: $20 per day
  4. Hourly Doggy Camp: $4.00 for the first hour. $2.50 per additional hour.


We allow  a smaller amount of dogs at day camp here at PawPurri than other day care places. In over 11 years, we have never had a dog fight, or an escape. One person is caring for them and makes sure the dogs here at PawPurri will be BFF  (Best Friends Forever.)

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