Doggy Hotel Application

At PawPurri4Pets, this is our most important document!


God forbid anything happens with your dog in our care. But, if it does, we’re minutes away from offering your dog the finest veterinarian care in our area.


This application gives us the right to handle this for you.

Vaccination Information

Every dog that stays our the PawPurri4Pets Doggy Hotel are required to be current on vaccinations for:

  • Distemper (DHPP)
  • Kennel Cough (Bordatella)
  • Rabies

Every dog that stays our the PawPurri4Pets Doggy Hotel must be current on monthly flea and heart worm prevention.

Vaccination Information

Please bring your records with you. We recommend you bring your dog’s favorite food, so we don’t have to change his diet. If you do not bring your own food we will feed your dog with our own house food. There will be an additional charge of $2 per meal for up to 4 cups per day or $4 per meal for over 4 cups per day.

PawPurri4Pets is full of dog toys. They are everywhere. Please bring one of your dog’s favorite toys for kennels. Anything that seems familiar to your dog will help calm them a great deal.

Download your Application Form!

We’d love to care for your dog. It’s what we do wonderfully. However, you must accompany your dog’s stay with us after filling out the form for our use. This grants us permission to care for your dog’s ever eventuality. Downloading this, in no way, grants your dog space in our community. Please call for reservations! 843-532-4816

We look forward to seeing your pooch soon!

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