Veterinarian Consent Form

Fill this out so we're all squared away if needed!


In the rare emergency situation, we all need to be properly prepared and to the fullest. This required document maintains a green light go all times.

Veterinarian Consent Form

We will take your dog to the Veterinarian you have written on the customer information sheet. If your Veterinarian is not available, we will take your dog to the closest Veterinarian that will see him/her. I understand there are certain risks inherent in leaving my dog in the custody of PawPurri4Pets and with the interaction of dogs, there is a chance of injury. If it should become necessary for my dog(s) to receive professional medical treatment, I hereby give my permission for a licensed veterinarian to administer the medical treatment he or she deems necessary, including anesthesia.

You understand that every effort will be made to contact you during an emergency event. You also understand that you are financially responsible for any, and all costs, resulting from veterinary care.

In case of emergency, Suzanne Barr and/or her employees will take your dog to veterinarian care you listed for any service deemed necessary by the attending veterinarian.

Please note that this form is only used during an emergency when you cannot be contacted by phone.

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